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8/2/2018 9:21 PM

Even though it's gross outside, that does not mean you can't enjoy National Ice Cream Sandwich day! I mean come on, YUM!

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  • Another beautiful, green day in Decatur ✨

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  • Just a friendly reminder of what's important during quarantine! 🤗 
#RAM #RAMily #SmartMove #SmartLife
  • Fitness just got (more) convenient! We are now offering online fitness courses through TORCH Fitness. 
Residents should check their emails today to find your sign-up link.

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  • No need to fear! We’ve gone virtual 😎 Visit: to check out layouts and book YOUR virtual tour today!

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  • Please pick up after your furry family! #CityofDecatur #PoopFairy
  • Happy Friday from your favorite frenchie, Biggie 🐾🤗
  • If you have walked by the office, you’ve probably seen this pretty and sparkly unicorn well she’s more than just you’re average unicorn... She is the ✨magical✨ unicorn that is actually helping us promote The Atlanta Community Food Bank this month! So if you have any canned goods or any of the items on our most needed list, please stop by and drop them in our bin! We are trying to create “A Land Without Hunger” and every donation helps! 
#ThePlaceonPonce #RAMPartnersLLC #SmartMoveSmartLife #AtlantaCommunityFoodBank #ALandWithoutHunger
  • Everyone meet Frank, our maintenance tech! Frank brings so much to The Place on Ponce - he’s energetic, funny and will always bring a smile to your face! He has been a RAM Employee since 2010 and has been with us here at The Place since 2016! 
If you haven’t met him yet, don’t be afraid to stop him in the hallways to say hello! He’s a jack of all trades, speaks 4 different languages, and is one of the hardest workers we know! Thank you for everything you do here Frank! We appreciate you!
  • The Place on Ponce presents: The Annual Pool Party Bash! When: Friday, August 17th 2018! Time: 4pm-7pm! 🌞⛱💦 Come and join us for some fun in the sun for all ages! Food, Drinks and Entertainment will be provided!
  • Even though it's gross outside, that does not mean you can't enjoy National Ice Cream Sandwich day! I mean come on, YUM!
  • Hey everyone, don't forget that the 319 Building has an amazing view of the city so once the sun starts to shine again, go check out the gorgeous scene of West Ponce! #ThePlaceonPonce #RainRainGoAway
  • Don't forget everyone - It's the first of the month and you can pay rent online in the comforts of your home! #ThePlaceonPonce #RAMPartnersLLC #SmartMoveSmartLife
  • We hope everyone has a fantastic First Day of School and that this year is one to remember!!!! #CityofDecatur #ThePlaceonPonce #RAMPartnersLLC #SmartMoveSmartLife
  • Need a healthy Tuesday pick me up?! Go visit our friends over at Kale Me Crazy for a quick and delicious bite! #SupportYourNeighborhood
  • Happy National Cousins Day, everyone!!!! Give your cuz some love on this awesome day! 👏🏻#rampartnersllc #smartmovesmartlife